• GO Murcia Spain has collaborated with GCEN for several years now.

  • GCEN has been established over 10 years and serving many thousands of clients each month.
        We have offices in the UK, Dubai, Spain and Portugal, with highly trained                     currency dealers available to help you get the very best from our currency                 exchange and money transfer services.

  • Get the best exchange rates
       You may need to make just one currency exchange, or maybe some regular                International payments. Differences in exchange rates, and saving on transfer            fees can significantly alter the amount that you need to send, or will receive in            the exchanged currency. GCEN will help you to get more money, and will not              charge commission..

  • Why use us, instead of your bank?
        We are quicker when making money transfers. We are much more convenient           as a simple phone call, or online transaction, is sufficient to make an                           International transfer. In addition, our NO COMMISSION charge policy saves               you money when compared to a high street bank.

  • Peace of mind
        Our systems for transferring International payments are secure and reliable.               We are authorised, regulated & registered with the FCA under Payment Services         Regulations, 2009 with the number : 504346.
        We are also registered with the British HM Revenue and Customs, under the               Anti Money laundering Regulations, 2007, with the number: 12137189.
        Your money is swiftly transferred where you need it.

  • You get a personal currency broker
       When you use GCEN, you will have your own account manager who will use              language that is common place. Technical jargon is for traders and banks!

  • When you choose GCEN:
        Our currency dealers will get you the best exchange rate available, making your         money go further.

  • We can even fix an exchange rate today, that will be remain fixed for a specific date in the future, so you will be protected from adverse currency movements
  • We are approachable and available 6 days a week. In the UK and Europe, our offices are open Monday to Friday, but our Dubai office is also open on Sundays.
  • We have been brokering currency for clients since 2002.